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Geode Resin Cheese board

Welcome to MOKO

Hi There, Thank you for stopping by to visit MOKO Designs. After all, functional art is the best type of art!


Why choose MOKO? (Besides wanting to be the envy of all your guests at your next dining event?)


Well….Here at MOKO we take great pride in our high attention to detail. Each resin design is created with so much love and precision, to ensure there are no rough edges, spills, drips or uneven lines and patches. The fine-tuning of each and every piece is what sets us apart from other resin art brands.


Additionally, we use only the finest quality products, from our wooden boards and coasters right through to our resin, pigments, sandpaper and oils. All of our wooden pieces are also oiled with food grade oil prior to shipment for a polished finish and to ensure maximum moisture is retained to keep your resin artworks looking their best and lasting a life time.


Sustainability – Here at MOKO we endeavour to be as environmentally friendly as possible. For our creation process we utilize eco-friendly supplies such as silicon tools, mats and jugs and minimal single use plastics. We also make a conscious effort to employ recycled packaging where possible when shipping your new pieces to you.


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Melbourne, Australia

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"So happy with this board and coasters this one was for a present and they absolutely loved it. Service was great.
Thank you so much, definitely buying from here again"

- Natalie

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